BOX 09 by Viereck Architekten

Viereck Architekten designed and built the [BOX:09] in Graz, Austria.

The [BOX:09] features the opportunity to construct a temporary or permanent flexible physical structure for use as living or business space in shortest amount of time.

The [BOX:09] can be realized almost anywhere, only the ground structure needs to be adapted to the local conditions.

The unique structure can be used as a cost- effective compact- office for small companies up to spacious office solutions, as single living unit up to an entire mansion, as well as an exhibition pavilion, studio or as flexible tourism space solution up to hotel complexes.

Photovoltaics and aircraft lavatories allow a completely self- sufficient energy supply throughout the entire building unit, when needed.

The dimension and the configuration of the whole unit is individually designed as well as flexible and modifiable. The transport occurs with special transportation like heavy load or helcopters, depending on the construction site.

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