Broken Egg by Ingo Maurer

The project “Broken Egg” by Ingo Maurer that was presented in April 2013 and expected to be finished in this year is a very interesting and attractive project.

The egg has a length of 25 and a height of 15 meters. Over a long, red stair- case, it is accessible from one of its sides. Inside, the visitors cannot focus on any corner or line in the subtly lit space and experience a sense of infinity.

The “Broken Egg” is expected to bring a very special experience to Inhotim. Placed at the lake side in a wild part of the park, the egg seems like it was laid by a giant bird. Inhotim is a place where art exists in a intimate relationship with nature. It is located in Brumadinho, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Its botanical and contemporary art collections are regularly used in educational projects and for professional training in the fields of art and the environment. Inhotim offers and organises diverse cultural and educational activities for the surrounding communities.

Are you ready for experiencing infinity?




Client: Bernardo Paz
Artist: Ingo Maurer
Artist Architect: Axel Schmid
Client Architect: rizoma (Maria Paz & Thomaz Regatos)
Structural Engineer: Neil Thomas
Executive Architect: Sonia Pabla-Thomas

Images: Ingo Maurer

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