Brooklyn Townhouse by BHA

Brooklyn Townhouse by Ben Herzog Architect shows how an old building can be changed with a contemporary approach.

aol-brooklyn-townhouse-bha-architect (19)

From the architects:
“This townhouse underwent a fairly extensive renovation. We added a new stair bulkhead to the roof and a roof deck with embedded lights, removed a 2-story portion of the rear structural wall and replaced it with glass and aluminum panels, relocated the ‘cellar’ stairs from the front of the house to the back, added two gas fireplaces, removed the boiler and insulated the house completely so that heat can now be provided by highly-efficient heat pump units with no central mechanical room.

The owners sourced and selected many of the materials including the beautiful cement tiles.”

collage-1 colage-2

Project details:

BHA Project Manager: Heather Mangrum
General Contractor: Creative Renovations
Photographer: Marco Valencia

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