Bubble Wrap Art by Bradley Hart

Beyond the fact that they are just irresistible to pop, bubble wrap is Bradley Hart’s specialty… Explaining his work as an album of memories made by injecting bubble Wrap with acrylic paint to create pixilated photorealistic pictures, the New-York based artist has created a series of realistic portraits and street scenes…

For him, bubble wrap evokes the plastic nature of our society. But from now on, we sure will remember him when we see one…
For more: http://www.bradleyhart.ca

AOL_Bubble_Wrap_Art_11 AOL_Bubble_Wrap_Art_10 AOL_Bubble_Wrap_Art_09 AOL_Bubble_Wrap_Art_08 AOL_Bubble_Wrap_Art_07 AOL_Bubble_Wrap_Art_06 AOL_Bubble_Wrap_Art_05 AOL_Bubble_Wrap_Art_04 AOL_Bubble_Wrap_Art_03 AOL_Bubble_Wrap_Art_02 AOL_Bubble_Wrap_Art_01 AOL_Bubble_Wrap_Art_00

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