Building A House Made From Shipping Containers

It is known that there are no borders while making decorative things. People can make astounding properties by using interesting materials.

But it must be one of the most interesting ideas: building a house made from shipping containers. Furthermore, the houses are very nice and attractive.

by Studio H:T

This house structured by Studio H:T  is the combination of two different  containers. Among the features that the house has there are photovoltaics to create electricity, solar orientation system and passive cooling.

by Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture

The orange container house was designed for the clients deserving the great landscape in Costa Rica.

by Lot-EK

This house by Lot-EK is suitable for the travellers. Its sub volumes can be pushed into the entire container and can be shipped around the world. These volumes can be reopened and created a 500 square foot living area.

by Poteet Architects

This house designed by Poteet Architecs is thought to be a 32 square foot guest house. The house whose floor is made of bamboo plywood; the walls and the deck are of recycled soda bottles locates in Texas.

by Adam Kalkin

Adam Kalkin Container House gets the daylight by its glass on two sides. Furthermore, the house is in harmony with the wooded surroundings with its rustic flooring and mahogany doors.

Photographs are copyright Braden Gunem, Andres Garcia Lachner,  Walker Art Center,

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