Burning All Of Your Wealth At Dinner Table?

We believe that Too Much Dining Table by Atelier Amarist and Alejandro Mong will surprise, even will shock you.

White pieces of paper are the starting point of this artwork. The artist hand-draws each piece, using a 50 Euro bill as a model. The genre of painting is hyperrealism, a technique that resembles a high-resolution photograph.

aol-too-much-by-amarist (2)

Subsequently each painted bill is sculpted with a type of resin that petrifies each sheet, in order to create the ashes. Finally hand painted to give it its burnt appearance.

Please do not forget to watch the video about TOO much to see the design process.

aol-too-much-by-amarist (5)

aol-too-much-by-amarist (4)

aol-too-much-by-amarist (3)

Images: A.Amarist

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