Business And Pleasure in One – “KAĞITHANE OfisPark”

Kağıthane OfisPark is among the project ofTekfen Holding Real Estate DevelopmentGroupwhich will be realized in Kağıthane, one of the developing centers of İstanbul. Being an industrial zone once, Kağıthane is now open to development and transformation, with its location near the business districts and developing transportation infrastructure.

Determining its motto as“Business and Pleasure in One in Kağıthane OfisPark”, Kağıthane OfisPark was designed as a modern interpretation of the region’s texture by Emre Arolat (EAA Architecture).Offices are located around a courtyard and the complex was enriched with shops, cafes and social facilities. Apartment block-high office buildings are far from the concept of business centers in skyscrapers and surrounded with maximum green areas.

Little details which will let the office workers benefit from the natural environment are of great importance in the project. In this context: Instead of high-rise buildings with non-opening windows which will make you see the outside as if you are watching it on a broken TV with the sound turned down and colors corrupted; the project offers a life with low-rise buildings, opening windows to breath fresh air and get close to the normal life outside, normal colors and sounds of life… It is a life which lets you meet with green and trees when you get out of the office.

Kağıthane OfisPark project was deemed the prize of“MIPIM Architectural Review Future Project Awards 2009″ in category of office projects. The project also holds“Highly Commended” award of“European Commercial Property Awards 2010″ given among the projects in European Real Estate Market.

The project was started 2009 and is expected to be finished in the coming months.

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Prepared By Mustafa Onur Akın

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