Buzz Restaurant

Today, we will look at the 4th Buzz Restaurant of Margot McKinney & Peter Kedwell. Here is such a sweet, fresh and nice place that you need to visit..

Here is fresh, light and comfortable. Buzz Restaurant,which is famous for its fab breakfast and luch, is a great place to have a nice dinner. If you want, you can drink something at the bar to have such a marvellous experince.


The colours, materials and ideas are affected by the situation of Peter Kedwell, who is interested in fruit and vegetables industry. These combination makes the restaurant more sincere.


The restaurant including bagged brick, timber and zinc has a countryside ambiance.


One of the most appealing things in the restaurant is the basket wall. These baskets which bring a sincere, different and attractive atmosphere are in harmony with the restaurant.


One more thing! The blackboard on which there are pizzas have a nice ambiance, don’t they?


Note: It is possible to get inspiration from the decoraton ideas of the restaurant. It worths trying…

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