No liquid.
No calories.

For decades, caffeine is the best friend of the ones who has to deal with work and similiar types of daily stress. Even the presence of equivalent types for this emergency power-up, coffee is the most natural and practical way to gain it.

But what about the times and situations that we cannot reach it? Who we gonna call?!


Under the appereance of an innocent lipstick shaped body, each  AeroShot Energy delivers a unique blend of 100 mg of caffeine and B vitamins -which is the same caffeine as one large cup of coffee!

The usage of this Lab Store Paris product is very simple. All you have to do is to pull the yellow end to open, put the other end in your mouth and gently draw the powder into your mouth and swallow! Now you have enough caffeine and Vit B. No need to boil water and deal with additives and unwanted ingredients!

Nice’n easy!

David Edwards is the inventor ofAeroShot  who is a creator, writer, educator at Harvard University. Under the flags of the concept called Breathable Foods  -which is revolutionizing the delivery of food and nutrients to the mouth for ingestion using novel aerosol delivery systems- theAeroShot Energy has also some earlier versions with the flavors of Vitamin D, chocolate and green tea that produced by The Lab Store.

AeroShot Energy is on the market now. You can buy one or packages of 12 or 36 of them right inhere!
Take a look!

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