Can Manuel d’en Corda by Daniel Redolat Puget and Marià Castelló Martínez

Daniel Redolat Puget + Marià Castelló Martínez and collaborators have designed a contemporary remodel and extension of a traditional stone-wall house in Formentera, island of Spain.

While the house is highly faithful to its roots, the contemporary design is well blended to the Spanish tradition of architecture.

The extension of the house has open plan, wide spaces that are divided with panel walls. The graceful usage of materials stone, concrete and wood is admirable. High ceilings and ribbon windows let large amount of natural light in to the rooms, while the residents enjoy the beautiful, natural view of the outside.

Living area have multiple openings to the veranda and the exteriors. Interiors have blended to the exteriors, designed as an extension to the natural environment.

Minimal amount of furnitures – without even accessories – have preferred to use in this minimalistic house. The raw concrete on ceilings left uncoated, to add a natural color and fabric, a richness to the architecture.

Collaborators: Marga Ferrer, Agustí Yern, Albert Yern, Sonia Iben Jellal, Ferran Juan, Javier Colomar

Photography: Estudi Epdse

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