Capitol Hill House By SHED Architecture & Design

Capitol Hill House is an economical, efficient, low-maintenance house with ground floor living areas that extend out to comfortable outdoor spaces and a new version of classical Seattle houses.

Capitol Hill House designed by Shed Architecture & Design establishes a strong connection to its front and rear yards while shielding its occupants from multi-family buildings along the sideyards.
While wood windows, doors, and siding were used at the sheltered open ends where people interact directly with the building’s exterior; corrugated metal siding and concrete site walls were used where privacy was desired.

A high performance enclosure is achieved by Advanced Framing (requires up to 30% less lumber) and an effective combination of insulation products and methods.

A south-facing light monitor with a motorized north-facing awning window creates a stack effect for ventilation while providing ample daylight. Heating is supplied by a high-efficiency boiler, indirect water storage tank, and in-floor radiant heating controlled by programmable thermostats.

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Project Details:
Design: SHED Architecture & Design
Contractor: Dolan Built, LLC
Structural Engineer: Harriott Valentine Engineers
Photography: Mark Woods

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