Carmel Mid-Century LEED house by Carver& Schicketanz Architects

Carver + Schicketanz Architects have modified an existing mid-century home in Carmel, California, U.S.A. and add a bedroom without increasing the footprint of the building. The houses engineering and mechanical standards are updated to pursue all feasible energy savings and achieve the highest possible LEED rating.

An additional bedroom was added by removing half of the existing garage and mechanical room..

The existing kitchen was expanded to add storage space and a built-in media niche, while keeping the openness to the adjacent living and dining areas.

The retractable roof above the dining room table provides excellent ventilation and allows for an outdoor dining experience without walking outside. The comfort of the home was greatly improved with the addition of dual-glazed windows, cementitious siding, hydronic heat and newly insulated walls and roof. These changes along with the addition of a 3.4kw PV system realize substantial energy savings and resulted in the first LEED platinum project in Carmel.

Photography by: Robert Canfield

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