Casa AA by Parque Humano

Architect:Parque Humano
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Photographs:Paul Rivera, ArchPhoto

This luxury house was designed as a man-made pavilion for observing and living in close proximity to nature. Organised around an open landscape, the result is a wide L-shaped open plan room, an intersection of the two axes radiating from the central living and dining space, in which all rooms flank the swimming pool and face the park.

Pushing the limits of interior space through the use of floor to ceiling glass, the architects sought to bring the house and landscape into a higher unity.

Through the use of a steal structure they have created a greater feeling of lightness and openness. The use of bricks was fundamental in the house, the bricks provided insulation for extreme temperatures primarily from the intense summer heat. They have created a special composition whereby walls organise space but do not bear weight.

The rectilinear composition is supported by the straightforward landscape designed by Pamela Burton. The pool, not only a recreational asset, also enhances the view from the inside through its constantly changing reflections of the sky and clouds.

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