Casal do Padre by Tiago do Vale

The house ‘Casal do Padre’ is built in Built in Ponte de Lima, Portugal in green ground on a solid granite hill, by Tiago do Vale and Associates.

Because of the tough geography (on a slope facing north), the design is focused on flowing with the slope, disguising the fact that it is built in 3 levels, with minimal excavation, and maximizing the building’s relationship with the sun and the views.

The ground floor provides vast space for parking and a laundry.

Over the garage, at the entrance floor, the main social spaces (circulations, kitchen, dinning and living room) are unified, supervised from the owner’s home office.

The floor opens to the first level garden and to the northern landscape.

All the rooms open, individually, to the garden on top level. There’s a master suite with a dressing room and private wc, a couple of sibling’s rooms (united -or divided- by a moving panel), a guest room and a big terrace opening over the flourishing landscape.

The project tries to both relate and stand up to it’s location while giving the family comfortable but vast spaces to live.

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