The people know the situations occuring in the houses in which cats live although they are funny sometimes. Even if you spend hours playing with your cat; it wants to sleep on your arm while you are working on your laptop, it wants to enter the holes in the house and sometimes it palys with nonexistent things in the house. It sometimes jumps to the highest top without feeling falling danger.


CATable designed by Hao Ruan is suitable for the needs of the playful cats. According to the designer, it is a “table” for us, a “paradise” for cats!

The dimensions of the CATable made from wood are: 78cm * 70cm * 150cm. The design team: RUAN Hao, LAI Zhenyu, LIN Jingrui and it was at Milan Design Week this year.

CATable-Designer-RUAN-Hao-2 CATable-Designer-RUAN-Hao-1

Images: LYCS Architecture

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