Chandeliers Of Chicken Wire

Rick Tegelaar is a designer who does not focus on the direct functions of the objects. The designer who shows that everything can be used in order to create elegant designs by creating a perfect chandelier of chicken wire named “Meshmatics”.

From the designer:
“I developed a machine and a set of tools that enable me to form chicken wire very controlled and accurately. By stretching the material over a mold it shrinks itself to the form and takes its shape. The tension that comes into the material from stretching stays captured to form a very efficient structure. All the lamps are functional lamps. No objects with bulbs attached, they direct the light and make it soft and warm when needed.”

aol-meshmatics-rick-tegelaar (1)

aol-meshmatics-rick-tegelaar (2)

aol-meshmatics-rick-tegelaar (5)

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