Charles And Ray Eames Design Exhibition in Mozaik!

Charles& Ray Eamesdesign exhibition which is held by Vitra International in honour of 100th birthday of Charles Eames and organized with the hosting of Mozaik brings”the timeless wonders” which preserve their popularity until today together with design lovers. Eames designs, proves to us once again that they lose nothing from their reliability and validity even after many years!

Designs are exhibited under the plywood, synthetic, wire and aluminum categories according to their material type and old photographs, documents and videos accompany them. Vitra Design Museum also gives place to experimental models, prototypes and vintage pieces of its collection.The exhibition discusses the approach of Charles& Ray Eames couple, being at the top among significant American designers of our period, towards the design. It transmits their perspectives of areas such as architecture, furniture design, industrial design and visual art based on the principle of”Take your pleasure seriously” onto our day.

One can see the problem solving technique of Charles& Ray Eames which combines the feeling of game and discipline, considering the design as a process and system in their each design.The exhibition where Eames Demetrios, the grandson of the couple and the director of The Eames Office, speaks about their approach towards design and production with a conference also addresses to subjects such as science and sustainability besides design.

Eames Demetrios who represents the third generation and also undertook the management of Eames House andEames Foundation along with the design office is the writer of a thematic design book on the life, works and production philosophy of the couple which has still been studied in schools. He is an artist and film producer as well and makes a name for himself in various events with a project that he calls as“Kymaerica” based on the re-interpretation of the parallel world.

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