Chateau Cheval Blanc Winery by Christian de Portzamparc

French architect Christian de Portzamparc designed the Chateau Cheval Blanc Winery in Saint-Emilion in France.

The winery building with an undulating form seems to float in the air, gracefully. The geometry of the curved surfaces and their living substance of muted white moulded concrete, creates a unique atmosphere that derives from the natural light descending earthwards inside the vat house.

Between inside and outside, the winery is a place of transmutation and human interaction. The “winery under the hill” is designed as a place of concentration and yet open to what surrounds it, being as permeable to the light of the vineyard as to the coming and going of workers and visitors.

That grace also derives from a perfect harmony between the place and its purpose: exceptional winery and skills to produce it.

52 Vats are produced out of concrete, as the parcel selection requires.

Everything has been designed to replace energy-hungry systems with economical solutions, such as natural ventilation, natural light openings and High Environmental Quality (HQE) certification. Also, the type of materials used, to water, energy and waste management, controlled hygrometry, acoustic, visual and olfactory comfort and the well-being of the people who work there.

Photography by Gerard Uferas and Erick Saillet

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