Chimenti Table: Fall in Love with Wood

Chimenti is the symbolic work of the reuse of the oak pales named “bricole” The pales take their importance from the salt, water, sun, cold and warmth cycles. The wood sculpted by molluscs and becomes, with time, a totally unique wood, precious, romantic and noble thanks to its own intrinsic features and to its historical weight.


The materials of the Bricola collection including Chimenti Table are the timper poles which have been used since 1500’s in Venice- these days they are changed because of the corrosion of the wood and plastic ones are being used-. Another feature of the wood is this: during their staying in the sea, these logs are deeply sculpted by Teredo Navalis, a mollusc that, whilst allowing the inner core of the log to remain incredibly healthy and strong . 



Chimenti is made of three oak planks obtained by bricola plainsawn, undergo accurate and painstaking washing, cleaning, drying and disinfection procedures, and finally submerged in a special resin with an elaborate and patient craftsmanship.



In this collection, the wood of the bricole, corroded by the sea, marries the iron element, oxidised by air, and is then combined with either glass, tempered in the birthplace of Italian artistic glass production, or with varying volumes of a special transparent resin, able to fill its empty cavities and thus protecting its precious details forever.




Chimenti, the story of a table from alcarol on Vimeo.

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