Cigarettes Breaking Smoking Habit

Taiwanese designer Tseng Yi Wen designed special cigarettes helping break smoking habit by reducing the number of the cigarettes or the quantity of tobacco day by day. The Tobacco series has 4 different designs.

Here is the series:


The habit of having a cigarette during a period of time. Filter tip silently takes back your health.
What surprised you is, You might have different cigarette each time.




Each cigarette has assign numbers. When you throw the cigarette on the road, you are found out who you are.

Will you still throw cigarette wherever you go?




“Could you lend me a cigarette?”
It is a question often asked by smokers.
This is a sharable cigarette.
When you share, you help the other to reduce their smoking amount so that the cigarette silently protects the smokers’ health.
It satisfies your sudden desire of smoking, but also reduces the burden of smoking.




Losing days, losing health. Every cigarette of every day of every month of every smoker.
Living through a day of is like living through a year. But they can gain their health back.
Enjoy the bittersweet symphony of every single day.


Images: Cargo Collective

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