As the ones who use a camera both as a camcorder all know that the video mode of these cameras have a huge handicap of over-flexibility -which makes the recording process more noisy in terms of both audio and visual. Whatever you do, if the scene is faster than regular or meant-to-be pro (like a panorama), your recording will never be as you want it to be with ups and downs, unbalanced measurements, etc. But how can we handle this handicap? If we take a photo, it is OK. A simple tripod would be the answer. But how about shooting a balanced and stabilized video of a thing that is moving?

Or even better, while the camera is moving?

Developed by the Justin Jensen in a class at MIT medialabs, these optimised tripod wheels are the top product of the Texas-based company Cinetics which is owned by Jensen himself. Three hi-tec wheels fit onto joby’s gorillapod focus tripod and it only requires a ballhead to attach one’s camera to the device which can be obtained from the store too. You can also modify or expand your Cineskate in various ways in here! If you buy one of these, don’t forget to check the website! There is an ongoing video contest! Entries will be posted in here beginning on May 1st, and will be accepted until the winners are announced on July 15th.

We also look forward to see our videos too!

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