Çırak by Ozan Yılmaz

‘Çırak’(The Apprentice) is a barber shop, designed by Ozan Yılmaz, located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul.

It is easy to feel the mood of the interior design, the warm and the cold elements, to see the old and the new, mingling nicely with each other. On the walls, rough surface texture is used with sculpted patches. The columns, which have been ripped to the basic structure, accompany the decoratively plastered walls and ceilings.

The shop – a barbershop before as well – is changed to have a wider entrance, a taller ceiling and longer looking in perspective. The airiness of the space is well achieved by knocking out some walls and adding some secondary constructions.

All electrical and mechanical installations are renewed and replaced to be all-transparent so that it is much easier to handle and manage when needed and yet become part of the concept design.

The real stars of the shop are actually the woodworks. The 8.5 m laminated one-block oak workbench, including its sinks, creates a shocking effect on the visitors. At the same time, the oak stairs at the rear of the shop generates a feeling of admiration for the customers going downstairs for joining the bar and the lavatories.

The floor is laid with wood parquets, waterproofed with special treatment for use of wet mopping and water spills, and by this way, the challenging question of ‘Possibility to have a wood floor in a Turkish barber shop?’ is well answered.

The cupboards, wardrobes, drawers and the other furniture are oak too. The nostalgic handles of the drawers and the cupboards, the antique sofa and the armchairs purchased from the antique shops in Kadıköy, the Rosenthal series sockets and plugs are all a hint reference to the old life styles and systems of the past.

The ‘Çırak Barber Shop’ is Ozan Yılmaz’s most recent work. He has his signature all around. The corporate identity is well established by all means.

‘Çırak’, opened its doors to for customers on May 2012 and continuing its full services and welcoming the curious, comfort and perfection demanding gentlemen in Moda Kadıköy…

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