Cloud House by McBride Charles Ryan

In Melbourne, Australia, McBride Charles Ryan architectural office has renovated an almost a 100 year old house and named it ‘The Cloud House’.

With a facade shaped like a cloud, a modern house has added to the double-fronted Edwardian house in Fitzroy North.

The street facing-facade matches to the character of the street, it shows the client’s respect for the local area. The spaces within the original structure are largely white in colour, united by exotic floral hallway carpet.

The door opens to a red box shaped room, which is the kitchen, actually. Like heart of the property, it is centered and acts as a bridge linking the major spaces.

The other facade on the backyard is the unexpected piece of work. With a remarkable craftsmanship, the cloud shaped lines adds a playful feeling to the space. Right infront, in the backyard, there is a pool to chill out and enjoy the sky and the vision of clouds through a matching house.

The new living addition faces due south while allowing controlled north sun into the living area and providing effective cross ventilation.

Photography by: John Gollings

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