Collaboration with Artists and Designers

Artists and designers worked together for ‘States of Material’ exhibition, which was curated by Şanel Şan. In this exhibition, these two creative group, commented on ‘Material’, which is the building block of each diciplines.

Armaggan  Nuriosmaniye Art& Design Gallery were determined as a production place for the exhibitors.

In this 3 month-long collaboration project, every work includes different materials and production methods. The designers and artists through material, recognized each other’s approach and directed the material together. In this collaboration; ceramic, glass, metal, fabric, leather, carpet, silver, wood or an innovative material were used.

Artists and designers are gathering together in order to answer ‘if material is a tool or is an aim for creative talents?’ and ‘how material effects the creative process?’ questions. The actors of the exhibition from two creative groups are experiencing to know each other, listen to the material and shaping it together.

In this exhibition of 44 artists and designers, they created 18 groups of artists and designers who have different techniques but have same art point of view. Along with this creative group of 36 people they have added the participation of 8 individuals who are experts of their own material. You could see the works in Armaggan Art&Design Gallery  Nuriosmaniye until 25th of August.

In ‘States of Material’ exhibition, you could find the designers and artists name list below. 18 Creative Groups: Aykut Erol-Yiğit Yazıcı, Ali Bakova-NeşeÇoğal, İlanit Ovadya-Meral Değer, Şule Koç-Tuğberk Selçuk, Ayşe Deniz Yeğin-Meltem Sırtıkara, Omlet İstanbul-MerveÇaskurlu, Escapefromsofa-Seymen Şener, Semiha Kan-Dinçer Gungörür, Meriç Kara-Mehmet Mutlu, Lütfi Büyüktopbaş-Pınar Partanaz, Orhan Irmak-Medine Irak, İsmailÖklügil-Zeynep Erdoğan, AyşeÖren-EmreÖzcaylan, Bade Bilgen-Burak Lüleci, Gaye Kır-SelenÖzüş, Argun Dağçınar-Taylan Akdağ, Camekan-Oytun Berktan, Erdeniz Kurt-Tuğçe Turan.

Individual designers and artists; İpek Kota, SuhandanÖzay Demirkan, Babur Kerim İncedayı, Ebru Döşekçi, Tan Taşpolatoğlu, Tamer Nakışçı, Seçkin Pirim and Evren Gül.

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