Colorama by Gilbert Moity

French lighting designer Gilbert Moity has created a light installation for the the main entrance of the shopping center ‘Les Quatre Temps’, a monumental place in the heart of the tertiary center of La Defense, west of Paris.

The designer has developed the project from logo of the ‘Les Quatre Temps’, namely, four square with rounded corners and luscious colors – orange, raspberry, green apple and blackcurrant.

A total of 37 squares arranged like so many huge bubbles floating along the front, suspended from steel cables attached to a structure hidden in the metal framework that houses transformers. Blown glass pipes, set on flat metal sections, have the benefit of an even light spread inside and outside the building.
The different tube diameters multiply the depth and perceptive when it rains.

By optical illusion, the different tube diameters create depth and perceptive, even though all elements are aligned on the same plane equidistant from the front.

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