Colorful Rebellion!

If yo think that colorful and bright objects are the symbol of happiness and cheer, Sebastian Masuda does not agree with you. Because he uses color to Express rebellion and freedom !


Masuda, who thinks that Harajuku-a popular trend with colorful accessories, toys and decorations- is the pop culture of the era and he applied the trend to a bedroom.

The work of the artist was seen and liked by many people at the exhibition named “Colorful Rebellion- Seventh Nightmare between February 28 and March 29 at Kianga Ellis Projects.
For almost 20 years Masuda has created a culture through his obscure creative vision in a region that has so freely allowed individual expression. Taking this culture internationally, Masuda explores showcasing Harakjuku from the inside in his debut exhibition titled ‘Colourful Rebellion – Seventh Nightmare’. While kawaii quite literally means ‘cute’ there are definite darker undertones and Masuda delves deep into the consciousness of those elements that are beyond the kawaii (as seen in 6% dokidoki’s recent redirection), and creates a self-portrait of the seven deadly sins including male and female alter egos. (*)
(*): Claude Magazine

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Images: Sebastian Masuda

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