Concrete House by Calliope Iconomacou

The house is actuallly made by a collaboration between three: planned by the contemporary artist Calliope Iconomacou, architect Eri Iconomacou and the lightning design of interiors and exterior, both by Stefanis Michailidi.

The house with a stunning view of the sea is designed as an observer of the nature. The main ispiration was the colours of the sea, during sunrise and sunset or when it rains.

Ribbon window openings allow plenty of natural light to get in the house thus giving the feeling of nature coming into the living spaces. A single laid floor, clean cut lines, concrete details and ceilings provide the ultimate background for artwork to be displayed. Simple objects and furniture are chosen to be used in this concrete, natural tone house.

The lighting design balances between functionality and atmosphere while accentuating the architecture.

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