Control-of-Your-Own: MaKey MaKey

In the 80s and 90s, breaking a joystick or a touchpad was really a common and considerably expensive experience. Considering the vast range of action games that requiere reflex, we just couldn’t control our enthusiasm and Gotchya! instincts while we were ‘playing’…

Back in those days, there were only some basic designs of those controllers. But when the time and technology marches on, we met various designs and concepts that some of them are really innovative!

Meet the MaKey MaKey!

MaKey MaKey lets users control webpages and computer games with ordinary objects, from play-doh to bananas! It turns everyday objects into touchpads, interfacing via the internet to use them as control panels, musical instruments, or other devices!

As we can see the following video, the users of MaKey MaKey need only select ordinary objects to function as their controls. This could range from a row of bananas, silverware, or coins to be played as a keyboard; ordinary pencil drawings to use as a game controller; or alphabet soup noodles to make an abbreviated keyboard… These are just the examples of MaKey MaKey designers Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaumwho are also two of the the researchers of the MIT’s ‘lifelong kindergarten’ group at the MIT media labs!

Let’s look to the video now!
Have fun!

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