Controlar Headquarters in Alfena by ADOLF.ZURCATNAS

In the current context of globalization, based on a process of technical revolution, the development of companies in the field of technological innovation, such as Controlar, has been marked by a physical dematerialisation and smaller requirements in terms of space and scale compared to traditional industry. In this regard, and based onthe pre-existence of a large building which serves as a “skin” to maintain, the concept of action is based on dividing the interior space in “boxes” spaced to the existing construction and arranged according to the program and spans in the original facades.

This proposal aims to build within the built and add without touching in order to integrate without merging two distinct approaches to architecture, the existing and the new proposal.
The choice of partition of the space and the space between “boxes” and to the “skin” allows the profusion of natural light from the roof and facade into the interior of the nave of the building, allowing illumination of traffic, leisure and working areas. This objective of sustainability has also generated concern about the issue of cooling, which is restrained to the interior of the rooms, restricting the consumption needs to each of the spaces. In this concept of organization through independent “boxes” it is built up an “outdoor space” within the interior of the building, in a logic of gradual dissipation of accessibility, in which the entire infrastructure network is developed so that access for maintenance and change is facilitated.

In order to stand out the “boxes” from the “skin” the whole building was standardized through the use of greycolour, contrasting with the white used in new construction in which the application of materials from the industrial imaginary, such as polycarbonate and metal, assumes a finishing language with the reinterpretation of their natural characteristics in order to achieve a bright space and of easy maintenance due to their reflective andplane surfaces. This concept of sharing space through the use of “boxes” allows its implementation through the reproduction of economic light structures with the development of typified construction details targeting rationalization of construction.

Architecture: Adoff.Zurcatnas Arquitetos Associados
Project name: Controlar Headquarters
Location: Alfena, Valongo
Area: 900m2
Year: 2013

JM_ControlarSistemas_235 JM_ControlarSistemas_234 JM_ControlarSistemas_220 JM_ControlarSistemas_213 JM_ControlarSistemas_210 JM_ControlarSistemas_207 JM_ControlarSistemas_193 JM_ControlarSistemas_190 JM_ControlarSistemas_179 JM_ControlarSistemas_185 JM_ControlarSistemas_172 JM_ControlarSistemas_166 JM_ControlarSistemas_163 JM_ControlarSistemas_161 JM_ControlarSistemas_159 JM_ControlarSistemas_150 JM_ControlarSistemas_131 JM_ControlarSistemas_103 JM_ControlarSistemas_074 JM_ControlarSistemas_070 JM_ControlarSistemas_065 JM_ControlarSistemas_058 JM_ControlarSistemas_057 JM_ControlarSistemas_055 JM_ControlarSistemas_044 JM_ControlarSistemas_041 JM_ControlarSistemas_034 JM_ControlarSistemas_027 JM_ControlarSistemas_024 JM_ControlarSistemas_020 JM_ControlarSistemas_018

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