Creative Walls 1: Plates On The Walls

We highly recommend you not to leave your walls alone. Don’t the enjoyable walls at cafés, hotels or houses attract your attention? In the past, we used to see the hats on heads, baskets on the floors; pots, pans and plates on the tables, neon lights on the signboards. Mirrors, different sized frames, tables, fonts, neon lights, even colorful tables on the walls changes the current atmosphere. We accept, creating these kinds of enjoyable walls requires time, courage and aesthetic perception.


Following the design trends, sharing new designs and trying to live art and aesthetic are our pleasure. We will share our research results, compilation and images that we selected about inspiring creative walls during our article series “Creative Walls”. These tips will help you recreate your living spaces and encourage you. In this first article, you will see the best and beautifully designed plates by famous designers. Are you ready to decorate your walls?


Here are some simple steps to hang the plates on the wall optimally:

1. Lay a large piece of craft paper on the floor, the size of the space where you’d like to hang them.
2. If you want a traditional look, go with a symmetrical arrangement. For something more eclectic, arrange them asymmetrically.
3. Leave a half a foot or so between the arrangement and the ceiling to give it visual balance. Do not reach till the ceiling. You can hang the in the middle of the wall, even to the ground according to your room’s size or the distance between the furniture and wall. For example, if you want to hang your plates on a wall at a long and narrow hallway, you can hang them wherever you want because the perception will get the whole image. Cluster your plates considering your furniture. You can change the wall color on which you will hang the plates, so you can create your attractive ground-colour. You can select different sized and coloured plates or a simple type according to what you want to reflect.
4. You can cut circles having the same sizes of your plates and you will foreknow how your composition will be. At last, you can hang or glue your plates, whatever you want. Here is your art gallery!

3-viceroy Hotel California

Now, let’s look at the great plate designes by famous and award-winning designers.


Seletti Hybrid Collection is an olio as its name; half eastern, half western! Ünlü İtalyan markası This collection designed by CTRLZAK Art&Design Studio for famous Italian brand Seletti brings a new artistic perspective to familiar Chinese and European bone china; it creates a harmony between western and eastern aesthetic perception. It is possible to see the product details of this great collection on POMSTORE’da bulabilirsiniz.


Another Italian design… Famous Italian designer Fornasetti’s plate designs by the inspiration of a woman face as patterns on the plates will be a good choice to decorate the walls.



Jason Miller Seconds
Jason Miller’s “Seconds” plates overcome taboos like Seletti Hybrid Collection. The elliptical images that are designed by Jason Miller in a conscious way seem artistic more than a design mistake.



To enjoy the life is an art. To put the meal on a plate, put the plate on the table, to transform a diner into feast is an art… Even if it takes two minutes before swallowing the meal, it is art… These marvellous plate designs ar efor your walls maybe… Think for a while before usign them on dining tables!


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