Creative Walls 2; Frames On The Walls

Creating enjoyable walls requires bravery and labour. In this second article of ours  ‘creative walls’, we hope to embolden you.

As we said before, we used to see the hats on heads, baskets on floors, pans and pots on tables, neon lights and signs in the streets. Now, it is time to forget what we used to!

Here are some tips that will help you cheer your living spaces via your walls;

1- Sorting the frames of the same sizes to create at equal intervals is the best and simplest way to have dignified and modern image. But if you wish to create a cosy atmosphere, you should use different sized frames and create your own collage according to your items.


2- You do not have to hang the frames by nailing. You can exhibit your favourite frames by leaving on the ground, so you can create a rich atmosphere effortless.


3- That eye level issue; Ok, a single hanging frame close to floor can be disturbing. But who can stop you when you start to hang from ceiling to floor!


4- Using shelves on the walls is a flexible method letting you change the atmosphere with any material, no need to have lots of poles on your walls.


5- For a crazy wall! Hang whatever you have! Mirrors, clocks, necklaces, different sized frames, rugs, flowers, lanterns, hats, wooden items, brooms, yes even bicycle handlebars! And hang anywhere. Hang on the walls of your bathrooms as well as living rooms or bedrooms.

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6-Fonts and neon lights are incredibly popular these days, use them.


7. Yes, we do like to hang on white walls. But it is possible to use different coloured backgrounds or patternes on the suitable corners of the rooms. Also dividing the wall into two by color is an old, dichromatic and enjoyable method. It may not reflect nobility, but it is funny and romantic. This method can show your room as if it is higher by wiping off the borders between floor and ceiling thanks to its illusion, or vice versa. Although it seems risky to try wallpapers, we are sure that you will get the best combination result suitable to your wallpapers after several attempts.


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