Cultivated simplicity: Sabi

Founded by Assaf Wand in 2009, Sabi is a new creator of unique health and wellness products. They take their unique name from an ancient Japanese philosophy that exalts everyday life. Their products are inspired by an ideal: that life’s regular, day-to-day tasks deserve to be elevated. As Assaf Wand says “Sabi products transform mundane daily chores– taking pills, taking out the trash, getting dressed, opening jars– into moments full of delight.

They undertake a mission of creating products that are intuitively and beautifully designed in order to infuse life’s daily rituals with delight. Sabi products are everyday items, simply made better. And through its products, Sabi hopes to inspire its users to savor the little moments. For now, they only clarifytheir Vitality Line which are based on the medications, actually, pill organizers.

As Architecture of Life, we hope to see Sabi‘s other collections titled as Agility Line and Mobility Line as soon as possible…

So let’s finish this page with their motto:

Sabi: elevate. everyday.

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