Cultural Heritage by Shimamura

After his graduation from Tokyo Zokei University, Takumi Shimamura started to work for Subaru (Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd).

He developed Subaru brand cars such as Legacy first and second edition. He was in the team to develop the motor show cars such as small car‘Jasmine’. Also he was the designer of Legacy.In 1994, he was transferred to Tug International Co., which is the design company of Subaru. He designed buses, multi-purpose engines, furniture and small house design. And he developed the commercial production cars. In this company, he managed the process also.

In 2005 he founded Qurz Inc. and offers comprehensive services, from planning and designing to sales, for a variety of industrial products: vehicles (cars, buses, etc.), spatial designs (small-scale houses, interior, etc.), furniture and more.

Takumi started a volunteer project and produced a series of monacca, a three-dimensional figure products using thinned cedar lumber. Monacca Bags, Calculator…etc.


This series of products are available at MoMA and has made a great success in the global market as he actively joins international exhibitions. His products have received Good Design Awards many times.

Currently, Shimamura is promoting his paper product brand cuiora, monacca, small space gardening products comore and lightings… In addition, he has a collection named Chanta, which includes table ware by porcelain and textile products by silk.



Cuiora is the brand name which expresses the pure water of Mount Fuji. Fuji City has been well-known as a centre for the manufacture of paper since ancient times.


The paper made there is the gift of ‘seisui’ (pure water) of Mount Fuji. The history of the Japanese paper industry began with ‘washi’ and continued with the development of various types of paper including those of western style made from pulp. There are various specifications for paper with a variety of size and thickness which support our daily life. However, is so commonplace that we tend to forget it’s importance.

It is a fact however, that paper is an integral part of our daily lives. He reconsiders the possibilities of paper from new viewpoints; discovering the charm of paper which can be used to produce a variety of goods to support your life style.

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