Dark Side of the Installations: Mark Jenkins


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Mark Jenkins. American. His installations -or whatever you name it- won’t be stay still in your mind as you first see them. They will form themselves with your conscience… With your experience… With you… Let’s hear some of his words. Maybe they can help us to understand his brilliant thoughts… Maybe…

“I felt I had introduced a new medium and the baby was symbolic of that, as well as being symbolic of not being cared for like insects that have to care for themselves. Also it was a way to experiment, an exercise in space. We always try to put some up whenever we go to a new city as part of my project. Here in Berlin we’ve put the babies up pretty high using a ladder, but people tend to get them down anyway, like an adoption process.”

“A lot of people identify with these characters that are neglected and melancholic, and they approach them to be helpful. My street art enables me to communicate with the rest of the world on a deeper level.”

“It’s all part of the dynamic of street art, which really appeals to me. It’s a social experiment, so I don’t mind if a sculpture disappears, that’s part of its life-cycle.”

“They often tend to be marginalized individuals, sometimes in lonely states, so it’s poetic but also dark. For example, the guy in the river is holding a bunch of colored balloons that are almost trying to magically lift him out. There’s always an undercurrent of hope.”

His children are shown below. And the entire family lies in here!

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