De La Cuna A La Luna By Juan Carlos Menacho

Bolivian architect Juan Carlos Menacho has designed a toy store named “De La Cuna A La Luna” (From The Cradle To The Moon), located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

The premises for this project were “coloring, animation, and imagination without limits, wild and indomitable, naturally bubbly and playful”, and once you are inside the toy store you can see all of this.

The place is designed as a whole, colorful, organic and open spaces with round edges, fluid structures. All furniture was conceived and designed for children whose height is about 1 meter.

De La Cuna A La Luna is more than just a toy store, it’s a complex with a theater, a tea room, a juice bar, a soft corner, a reading room and an exercise area.

The sky folds on the ceiling of the shop, taking the form of a cloud that floats overhead. Special lighting allows for this illusion to happen with soft lights that give the impression of stars, changing the character of the store by bringing day and night.

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