Design Codes of New Generation Kitchens


Alea designed by Paolo Piva for Varenna, İtaldeko

Besides being a place for cooking, kitchens sometimes become a chat room and sometimes a place for small family dinners. New generation kitchens offer many details from functional closet systems to storage solution and material and color selection of sitting sets, which turns the kitchen art into a ritual. Here are 2011 kitchen images to inspire you…
New generation kitchens which offer solutions for various size of rooms are designed to fit present conditions and meet every need of the user. As their sizes increase, these spaces, which were constructed as places only to eat in the past, are now transformed to joyful spaces with many unusual decorative details such as breakfast corners and bistro sitting groups where the family members can spend time with pleasure.


Alea designed by Paolo Piva for Varenna, İtaldeko


Alea designed by Paolo Piva for Varenna, İtaldeko

Besides functional designs, new generation kitchens feature plain styles which combines minimalism with stylish accessories. In today’s kitchens, high-quality materials such as oak, beech, walnut and cherry trees besides stainless steel and aluminum are most preferred. New generation designs bring the functionality with modern cabinets. The most significant feature of these new designs is perhaps that everything we need in the kitchen are at our fingertips. And their high-tech custom accessories are also a plus. Kitchen tops which are formed according to the size of usage area have a wide range of materials such as stainless steel, Corian, laminate, marble, cultured marble and granite.


Hi-Line designed by Ferruccio Laviani for Dada


Tivali designed by Dante Bonuccelli for Dada


Vela Quadra designed by Ferrucci Laviani for Dada


Matrix by Paolo Piva, İtaldeko


Ada tipi tezgah kullanımınınöneçıktığı Volare koleksiyonu, Aran Cucine.


Barrique collevtion, Ernestomeda


Silverbox koleksiyonu, Ernestomeda


Barrique collection was designed by the worldly renowned designed Rodolfo Dordoni


Kitchen design combining pale white lacquer and dark colored granite, Ikea

As the storage units gain more importance, ceiling-high cabinets over the kitchen top became essential for today’s kitchens. If your kitchen is large enough, tall cabinets can bring you an ideal storage. If you want to adorn the place with decorative objects, you can mount shelves on the walls. If you have a large kitchen, you can create an unusual picture by hanging a pendant chandelier over the dining table. However, if the kitchen is long and narrow, ceiling lights could be of better use.


Those who doesn’t like to spend much time in kitchen should pay attention to the functionality of the kitchen during its decoration. Roll-out and swing-out cabinets are among the ideal solutions for you. If you prefer a dark colored kitchen based on wood, you can enliven the place with light color shelves, metal hangers for your pots or cups and light color ceramics between the ceiling-high cabinets and kitchen top.


Multi-storey shelf system ideal for all kind of kitchenware, Ikea


Turquoise and white kitchen cabinet, Arçelik


Countertop design with cooking system and corner set, Arçelik

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