Designing the Time

Once upon a time, it is said, “A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct.” The time is the much hidden essence of our lives. It is just, it is sharp and it is ironically predictable. Cannot be shaped nor cannot be imitated. Well, it can be signage in various ways, that’s for sure. And as we all know, the best and the practical way is to form it is to manufacture a watch… Simple, mundane, but lifelong and architectural.

As Architecture of Life, we’d like to present you some forms of this phenomenon from the edges of some talented minds. Let’s start…

Achille Castiglioni

As one of Italy’s leading architects and designers, Achille Castiglioni designed the Record Watch for Alessi with Swiss graphic designer Max Huber.

01_AOL_Achille_Castiglioni _Record_Watch_Alessi

Tom Dixon

A self-taught British designer, the 54 year old Tom Dixon named his pure stainless steel plated watches The Block.

02_AOL_Tom_Dixon _The_Block


Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry is a Canadian-American Pritzker Prize-winning architect based in Los Angeles. Here is his idea for a watch for Fossil. The Positive-negative Watch.

03_AOL_Frank_Gehry _Positive_Negativ_Fossil


Denis Guidone

Works in the architecture, product design and visual communication areas, the Milano based designer Denis Guidone names his work for American Brand Projects as Déjà Vu.



Benjamin Hubert

London based internationally acclaimed designer Benjamin Hubert shows his talent under the brand Nava.

05_Benjamin_Hubert_Nava_01 05_Benjamin_Hubert_Nava_02


Crispin Jones

London based Crispin -Mr- Jones named his design Cyclops.

06_AOL_Crispin_Mr_ Jones_Cyclops_01 06_AOL_Crispin_Mr_ Jones_Cyclops_02


Mathieu Lehanneur

ENSCI-Les Ateliers graduated French designer, Mathieu Lehanneur named his watch Take Time for LEXON Design.

07_AOL_Mathieu_Lehanneur_Take_Time_Lexon_01 07_AOL_Mathieu_Lehanneur_Take_Time_Lexon_02 07_AOL_Mathieu_Lehanneur_Take_Time_Lexon_03 07_AOL_Mathieu_Lehanneur_Take_Time_Lexon_04 07_AOL_Mathieu_Lehanneur_Take_Time_Lexon_05


Mats Lönngren

Born in 1981, Mats Lönngren is a Finnish concept designer. Let’s take a look to his 3012 Series for Hygge.



Dieter Rams

81 year old German industrial designer Dieter Rams, who is also known for his Ten Principles of “Good Design”, also designed watches.



Karim Rashid

As an industrial designer and interior architect, the Cairo borned New Yorker Karim Rashid named his watch The Kaj.



Philippe Starck

Born in 1949, Philippe Starck is a French product designer and interior designer. As a science fiction fan, here is his point of view for the concept of time, under the brand Fossil, inc.

11_AOL_Philippe_Starck_Fossil_01 Philippe Starck x Fossil Watches


Patricia Urquiola

Born in 1961, Patricia Urquiola is a Spanish architect and designer. Black Buckle Watch is her creation for Alessi



Michael Young

Two ODM collections of British designer Michael Young: MY04 Sunstitch and MY03 Hacker.

> MY04 Sunstitch

13_AOL_Michael_Young_MY04_Sunstich_01 13_AOL_Michael_Young_MY04_Sunstich_02

> MY03 Hacker

13_AOL_Michael_Young_MY03_Hacker_01 13_AOL_Michael_Young_MY03_Hacker_02

Satoshi Wada

Japanese car and product designer Satoshi Wada and his Issey Miyake branded watch: W.

14_Satoshi_Wada_ Issey_Miyake_W


Marcel Wanders

50 year old Dutch designer Marcel Wanders and his first watch collection for Alessi: Dressed.

15_AOL_Marcel_Wanders_Dressed_01 15_AOL_Marcel_Wanders_Dressed_02


Hannes Wettstein

Born in 1958, Swiss industrial designer Hannes Wettstein named his 2012 RedDot Best of the Best Awarded watch series as SPARC.



Remember, after all, “There is only one true wealth in all the universe… This wealth is living time. Time.” -Frank Herbert.

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