Designs Promising Inner Peace

Also known as balanced movement setups, these fancy and unwinding “mobiles” have began to decorate our homes. Mobiles were created by Danish artist Christian Flensted in 1953 and became an essential part of many homes in America and Europe. Designer Ole Flensted answers our questions about these charming accessories that are gaining popularity in Turkey lately.


What is a mobile?
A mobile is a decorative indoor accessory that can be made of various materials and be of diverse shapes which are hanged from a single point. What is so attractive about them is the fact that individual pieces that make up a mobile come together in balance and motion to form a unity. I can briefly define a mobile as a decorative, often humorous design of artistic imagination.

What are the essential characteristics of a mobile design?
The most important design factor is of course the mobile’s motion and balance to create a strong visual impact. Thanks to this balance, individual shapes come together to form a unity and their movement evoke diverse emotions in people.

What do your designs promise people?
The subdued movements of mobiles promise to inspire and at the same time relax people. Inherently mobiles feature a balance factor and they aim to help people find the same balance in their inner worlds.


What is the relationship between mobiles and Danish culture? How did mobile making become a traditional hand craft?
In fact, creating certain figures using straw, bits of thread and paper has been a tradition in Baltic countries for centuries. A great amount of superstition was attached to mobiles. People who hanged these mobiles from the ceilings of their homes used to believe that they would bring an abundant harvest season. It was widely held that the mobile kept burglars and the like away from the home. Also the mobiles were hung by village women over babies’ cradles to protect them from all kinds of evil. Today people hang them to get away from the urban life, create, decorative and interesting ambiance at their homes.


Which places are suitable for hanging your mobiles?

We want our mobile designs to be suitable for all kinds of interiors and appeal to people of all ages. Therefore we created two separate categories for our mobiles and came up with models that are suitable for children’s rooms as well as those that can be hanged in the bedrooms, living rooms and offices of adult people.


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