Devran MURSALOĞLU ‘Gece Kelebekleri’ (Night Butterflies) Pg Art Gallery

Devran Mursaloğlu’s Gece Kelebekleri (Night Butterflies) exhibition created by the surface works and arrangements made from paper is at Pg Art Gallery. The artist organized dozens of different potentials of a “single” element as the art’s formal figures themselves such as both surface and point, line and space of the paper-which is a spacial base- like in her previos exhibition “Düğüm” (Node).

Mursaloğlu presents her formal comment as complex forms of various emotions and concepts by reducing her personal perception about cosmos and life to minimal forms.

The ‘butterflies’ seen prominent single figure in the exhibition draw attention by their quantities and sizes dealt with their characteristics. The affect of the exhibition makes feel the architectural education.

"Gece Kelebekleri " Sergisinden

We have interviewed with Devran Mursaloğlu on both her architectural education and ‘Gece Kelebekleri’.

Yasemin Semercioğlu: What was the reason directing you to art after you studied on Architecture and Civil Engineering in Brussels? What did you find as a lack in your life?

Devran Mursaloğlu: I strated to work with Hasan Mingu after my education in Brussels. I caught the chance to work with a great architect providing me the best experience as a young heart. At the same time, I went on working in Devabil Kara Workshop in Marmara University. I believe that there are not certain lines among design, art, architecture and fashion around the world.

Y.S. You are known as the artist of paper. When you first started to work with paper?

D.M. I experienced natural materials such as plaster, stone, sand and stuff like that beside paper previosly. I was invited to a worldwide famous exhibition thanks to the jewelery that I had made from paper at Milano Trienal Museum. The base of my interest in paper is related to my educational background.

Y.S. How did you use the paper which is a spatial base after your previous exhibition ‘Düğüm’? What do Night Butterflies tell us?

D.M. I used a single material in my last exhibition at Pg Art Gallery by starting working on the night butterflies which tend to escaping from the swarm in order to be alone under danger. I produced Works in which a balance between emptiness and fullness by the inspiration of crowd and loneliness can be seen. The effect of the paper and butterfly that are thought romantic was very different to me. Each piece that I made from black wrapping papers by twisting and rolling turned into works taking place in the exhibition by increasing and evolving. I should indicate that construction is significant for all my works.

“Gece Kelebekleri ” Sergisinden, Yasemin Semercioğlu

Y.S. What are your activities in Turkey as a member of IAPMA (International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists) and as the head of the World Art Olympics Council’s Turkish Paper and Fiber Council?

D.M. The last work with that team was the workshop with the help of the Fashion Design students during the whole year in İzmir. Here, we created the ‘Ak’- the exhibition of unwearable clothes.
Finally, let me share that my installation for Ege Art in Alsancak Station will be introduced in the book Paper Installation by Artpower Publishing.


We congratulate nice news and your ‘Night Butterflies’ exhibition.

Hope the artist’s creativity will never end…

Always be with art…

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