“Do Not Disturb” by Ernest Perera

The “Do Not Disturb” Collection by Ernest Perea for Amor de Madre consists of clocks at which you will look at which without wanting to know the time.

Ernest Perera works in this project as a really designer-maker. He uses his own cnc milling machine and finished with his hands. Carving geometric shapes for been looking at without hurry. He used beechwood with natural raw color. The hand work experience with each clock, becomes the piece an exclusive unique.

Do Not Disturb 1742

Do not Disturb / 1742 (where John and Yoko spent their honeymoon and recorded Give Peace a Chance song) is anothe relation between light and dark. A soft transition of these opposites over the wood.

do-not-disturb-ernest-perera-amor-de-madre (2)

do-not-disturb-ernest-perera-amor-de-madre (3)

do-not-disturb-ernest-perera-amor-de-madre (4)

Do Not Disturb 2046

Do not Disturb / 2046 (from Wong Kar-wai movie) is a dialog between light and shadow. Six surfaces and a hexagon perimeter to define the twelve hours.

aol-do-not-disturb-2046-ernest-perera-amor-de-madre (1)

aol-do-not-disturb-2046-ernest-perera-amor-de-madre (2)


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