Do not hold your horses!

Born in 1948 at Essex/England, Heather Jansch is an amazing sculptor with her life-size driftwood horses!

Trained in Fine Arts at Walthamstow and Goldsmiths College in London, she has got various illustrative works, books, album covers for legendary Scottish folk guitarist Bert Jansch, who was her husband and the father of their one son, Kieron. Since 1984, she has solo shows of paintings and sculptures, especially life-size driftwood horses.

As in her words, her twin passions were always drawing and horses. Her hero was Leonardo da Vinci, and her dreams were of becoming an artist who lives in a wooded valley within solitude of a landscape of clear flowing water and horses grazing all around.

Living in Devon since 1980, Heather Jansch is still working hard in her own sculpture gallery and workshops at Number Twelve, East Street Ashburton. Her garden still opens to the public for charity and shows us her miraculous pieces of art her official website:

Run free!

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