Doğtaş İcin; Yeni Bir Eşik, Sofistike Tasarımlar ve Yeni Ilhamlar…

Federico Delrosso, Ece Sükan and Atıl Kutoğlu, reinterpretes the most basic element of living spaces, the furniture, under the brand of Doğtaş! This large project being the most significant milestone of the innovation process of the brand subsumes the different points of view of a world-wide known fashion designer, a style consultant and a world-renowned architecture under a single collection.

Italian Architect Federico Delrosso for Dogtas

The project aims to combine creativity, aesthetics, comfort and with functionality. For Atıl Kutoğlu, it is a collection which”he paid attention to keep current and exclusive for a long time in the future to make up a mystical and luxurious world in the coming golden age of Vienna art”; on the other hand, Ece Sükan defines it as a collection”which has come up with the creative contribution of her visual memory collecting images for years as part of her job; and for Delrosso, the collection represents a series which has references from the forms of 50’s and 60’s.

Fashion designer Atıl Kutoğlu for Doğtaş

Style consultant Ece Sükan combining three different couches in an eclectic approach…

Having emphasized the concepts of design, fashion and trend, Dogtas now stands out with the collection that has products such as a couch which carries the color stripes of the dress Naomi Campbell wore in the fashion parade of Atıl Kutoğlu, a sofa group which was formed by Ece Sükan combining three different couches in an eclectic approach and several products on which Federico Delrosso combined different, sharp styles with comfort…

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