Dual Beer Glass by PretentiousBeerGlass

Owned by Matthew Cummings from Louisville, KY, United States, PretentiousBeerGlass is a handmade and mouth-blown Beer Glasses company. He makes high quality, handcrafted beer glasses that are designed to highlight any craft beer you will find, and make the experience unique. Like his latest product: Dual Beer Glass!


This is the first specialty glass released by the company. It is a cylindrical beer glass with two separate chambers inside that combine into one towards the lip. And like every successful and smart design, it has a story:

“I first began working on this design after having a bartender incorrectly pour a Half and Half, blending the two beers together.”

A wonderful secondary benefit to this glass is that you can smell the bouquet of both beers simultaneously, where normally you only smell the beer that settles on top. Dimensions vary more on this glass than the others due to production techniques, and are approximately 13 cm tall and 7 cm wide, holding 330 ml.

Take a look!


AOL_Dual_Beer_Glass_03 AOL_Dual_Beer_Glass_04 AOL_Dual_Beer_Glass_05 AOL_Dual_Beer_Glass_07

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