Dutch Design is on a trip

Connecting Concepts  lifts the veil on the creative practices that make design from the Netherlands special. It also adopts the work of Turkish designers that share a similar design mentality. The exhibition hosted by Premsela, the Netherlands Institute for Design and Fashion were on show during Istanbul Design Week. First week of Istanbul Design Biennial, there will be several conferences.

Connecting Concepts aims to provoke dialogue. Each participating country provides new content for the exhibition– India, China and Germany so far, ensuring that it remains dynamic and relevant.

Newly added for the show’s Istanbul run are projects by Burcu Büyükünal and Emre Arolat Architects. Büyükünal’s jewellery designs express a concern about the cultural tendency to normalise body modification. The jewels in the Terrifying Beauty series change the wearer’s facial features, walking a line between decoration and noninvasive, temporary plastic surgery. In the Antakya Museum Hotel, Emre Arolat Architects have respectfully united two disparate functions: those of a five-star hotel and an archaeological site.

Marcel Wanders’s famous Knotted Chair, for instance, combines the traditional craft of macramé with contemporary knowhow and materials, such as epoxy resin. Dissatisfaction also proves to be a fertile source of inspiration.

Frustrated with the poor quality of existing umbrellas, Gerwin Hoogendoorn set out to make one that could withstand a storm. Today, he sells the Senz to customers the world over.

Similarly, the fashion designer Monique van Heist channelled a frustration with the seasonal fashion system’s frantic pace into creating a different approach: she adds garments to her hellofashion collection on an irregular basis and keeps them available indefinitely. Or Glue Jeans… They create a new opportunity to sewing trousers with colorful glues. Now, to make new combinations become easier.

The exhibition will be set in Sao Paolo. We wonder that which Brazilian designers will be featured in the exhibition.

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