Ecological Awareness Campaign by Volkswagen; “Beetle Think Blue”

Volkswagen”Think Blue” and Philisophy of Environmental Sustainability

This Volkswagen Beetle has been recreated with over 2805 scrap material bits and pieces by the Indian artistHaribaabu Natatesan for the ecological awareness campaign by Volkswagen. Volkswagen installed an exceptional art-piece of the iconic Beetle created wholly out of scrap collected from various Think Blue clean-up drives undertaken by Volkswagen at different locations.

The concept has given life to lifeless objects that have been discarded and are awaiting their inconsequential end. The ideation took day and night efforts of a team who worked for 15 days to put together a real-sized Beetle made entirely of scrap ranging from discarded mother boards, keyboards, disposed machinery parts, mobile phones, cans, plastic bottles, cassettes, wires etc…


The ‘think blue beetle‘ will be exhibited through february 12th, 2012, in mumbai at thekala ghoda art festival and after the Kala Ghoda art festival, the Beetle art car would be showcased in Germany, birthplace of the iconic Bug.

“The Think Blue campaign is all about energy and fuel efficiency, and that’s what the Think Blue Beetle is all about,” says Hari.“When you recycle, a lot of fuel is utilised in transporting the material from the junkyard to the scrap dealer to the factory. Then energy is expended in breaking down the material and refashioning it into a new object. The energy that goes into recycling this material is saved because of my art.” Hari uses an interesting metaphor to describe the nature of his art: That of the concept of mukti or salvation.“Mukti means that you are freed of the possibility of reincarnation. What I do is give the material mukti. Whatever material I use, it remains art forever; it is not recycled again,” Hari says.

Source:The Asian Age” Scrap gets mukti through art”

We would advise you to take look at Haribaabu Natatesan official web-site to see the”Unbroken cycle of creation and destruction and artistic recycling” – as he says…

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