Edited Choice; 4 Things That You Must…

Design world continues to surprise us. Some puts legendary Barbie dolls in the category of recyclable with its extraordinary design; and some stands out with interesting ceramic tiles for our bathrooms. Get ready for this week’s quartet!


Imagine an armchair at home… A ground breaking armchair which makes your life easier with the usage advantages it offers. You can move it anywhere easily and install in 5 minutes. Whichever color you like: red, yellow or white… Since this Flux chair of Douwe Jacobs& Tom Schouten was designed so as to fit well with outdoor usage as well, it will be challenging for you to decide where to use it even after you choose its color…

pin and wear!

Close your eyes and go back to your childhood… Barbie dolls that triggered a great competition among girls with various hair styles and skin colors are now adorning us, not our games. Broken pieces of Barbie dolls which come back to life thanks to the amazing creativity of the crazy jewelry designer Margaux Lange turn into a necklace or a funny or sometimes scarry bracelet after recycling process. These are definite must-wears!


One more innovative decoration from Italian ceramic brand, Bardelli. Along with the floor mat alternatives; figurative, geometric and plantal motives will extend the time you spend in your bathroom beyond the cleaning purposes. For the Italian Bardelli designs that will turn your bathroom into an art gallery where you will be willing to spend 24 hours a day, remember to visit www.bardelli.it. You will be surprised when you see how little polka-dots create a picture together…


Is it the first day of your diet and are chocolates flying in front of your eyes? Or are you one of those who are afraid of gaining weight but can’t stop drinking coffee without a piece of chocolate?Alright, it’s time to relieve yourself. New invention of Butterfly, orange slides with diet chocolate, is determined to spoil you! And what’s more, you don’t need to calculate calories. After organically grown and carefully selected Valensia oranges are thinly sliced and sun-dried in terraces, they are dipped in Callebaut bitter chocolate at the last step. These tastes will color your diet.

Afiyet Olsun!

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