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Each moment of our lives is full of design… Some of them are remembered once again with the inspiration which a historical adventure gives us; some of them stretch our imagination with the inspirations from the nature; some of them enliven us and some make us smile with weeny designs. Here are the”must-do”s of this week…

… watch!

The design exhibitions in Mozaik which started with Charles&Ray Eames and went on with Eero Saarinen now come to the end with the third and last step, Le Corbusier exhibition. If you wonder the modern-classical pieces of Cassica, Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand, don’t miss this historical journey of design culture until 25th May!

… sit!

Sitting on a fluffy sheep? How much do you think is possible? Moreover, the fur of this sheep doesn’t molt… These sheep chairs which are designed by Jolanda Van Goor inspired by the development and movement of organisms cheers our imagination up. Jolanda Van Goor who takes her designs in two sections also inspires new generation designers with the natural and non-toxic materials she uses.

… wear!

Trumpette is finally in Turkey… Now you don’t have to fly to USA for these little feet or ask your friend who’s going to USA to buy what’s written in the shopping list full of little socks. These miniature designs which your baby will wear comfortably during ages 0-2 provide beauty and comfort at the same time. You don’t need to look for shoes in different colors and designs for every different cloth of your baby anymore! As there is always a Trumpette that suits a dress… To present your baby with these socks which are imported by Bogi Tekstil and sold in six-up packages with really sweet designs, make a visit to one of Beymen Kids. In summer, they will be available in Alaçatı and Marmaris Club Viva. It seems the famous brand’s socks will hit the headlines in the coming season!

… buy!

500 flowers for Zeyneb… Curious about what it is? This is the name of 500 different flower patterns which Emir Uras drew in 4 years for his 18-year wide wife Zeyneb. And the founder of Gaia&Gino, GayeÇevikel has created a collection called”Bloom”, which even MoMA aspires, by moving these 500 patterns on bowls. You can visit the exhibition”500 flowers for Zeyneb” of Emir Uras, who has gone great guns with his company Uras&Dilekçi, in Cam Galeri in Akaretler. The exhibition will be opened in 16th June and can be visited until 16th July. If you want to buy one of the bowls, just stop by Bilstore, İKSV or Godiva…

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