Edited Choice; 4 Things That You Must…

… buy!

If you are one of those who embrace recycling all through their lives, this new design office is just for you. The latest invention of Pacific Art Design which does miracles with simple used materials such as cardboard and metal is colorful, plain, striped and patterned couches and trendy pouffes out of recycled metal barrels… Each will brighten your house.

… sit!

We got in knots and sat on the design… Pallone couch by Scheemaker seems perfect for those with narrow space in their houses. You can create your own rainbow with this colorful couch with round lines in every color. To experience the design, pass by Leo.

… fill!

Drinking 2 liters of water a day is the meaning of life for some and a distressing torture for others… But now they will turn the torture into joy with the latest design of Karin Rashid. Here is”Bobble Water”… These bottles designed for an American company are both pretty and smart. This nature-friendly design which makes even tap water drinkable can be filled 300 times.

… try!

Close your eyes and imagine your childhood… and of course, imagine the sweeties you loved most… How about creating your own design for Jelly Beans, Then begin with designing a cupcake and win $10.000…





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