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We are always trying hard to go on working in our open office, with lots of noise slapping in your face. And what you want to do most is to isolate yourself for a while and reject all of the possible questions -which is not impossible anymore! With the Giraffe separator designed byKawamura& Ganjavian, open office life is now easier.All you need to do is to buy one and get used to working with a giraffe…


Though it sounds quite weird, it is very real. If you’re looking for an extraordinary hotel to spend your holiday, you are in the correct place. You can spend your time in a UFO on top of a tree, or in a bird’s nest. Rooms of Tree Hotel, the last wonder of Swedish designers, are hanged on air in a forest. And it’s only one part of a utopical holiday, that the hotel being 60 kms far away from the North Pole.Tree Hotel is an ideal alternative for those who dreamed about tree houses in their childhood.


The creator of makarons that we eat endlessly,”Laduree” is now almost in our neighbourhood. The story of its taste goes back to 149 years ago. If you still haven’t met with the colorful carnaval of these little tastes -which never let you care about your weight, diet or hip size, you’d better begin with a bite. With chocolate, pistachio, vanilla, strawberry, caramel… Remember to close the box before you lose yourself!


Marc Jacobs realizes his dream with the new boutique bookshop Bookmarc in West Village, after the kingdom of clothing and accessory. Go find the shop and buy your favorite book. You’ll decide whether it is a bookmark or”Marc” of Marc Jacobs…

Hayatınızda yer açmanız gereken diğer mutlakalar 31 Mart Perşembe’ye…

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