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30 Designers at“The Design Park”

“Design Park” attracts me with its shopwindow way to work each morning. That Head of the corner as if its devoted to design… It was an old furniture shop before. Then, the designer Adnan Serbest’s office and shop… Now,”The Design Park” is the new owners of the venue and is used both as an office and a gallery.

Design Park is now hosting an unusual exhibition as usual… Bringing Industrial designer, interior designer, architect, graphic designer, fashion designer women together in its aim to emphasize the place and importance of women in design.

“As The Turkish women, we began to take place on the world stage with our works. And we are struggling for existance on this stage not highlighting our women’s identity but with our intelligence and creativity. With this exhibition we aimed to emphasize that we are here producing…” says The founder of the Design Park Nursema Ozturk.

Meltem Maralcan

Approximately 30 women designers participated in the exhibition curated by Nursema Ozturk. Each of the designers which took place in the exhibition are successful, wide visioned, idealistic artists some of them known worldwide such as Gamze Güven, SeyhanÖzdemir, Oya Akman, Gamze Saraçoğlu, PınarÖncel, Nagehan Kılıçarslan, HülyaÇelik Papuccuoğlu, Aslı Kıyak, Deniz Doğruyol, Bilge Köprülü, Meltem Marakan, Burcu Büyükünal…

Gamze Güven and her package designs

And the designs retained in my mind;

Oh, I love SeyhanÖzdemir’s sofas. I would love to the nest chair in my home.

The nest chair by SeyhanÖzdemir

SeyhanÖzdemir_ deco sofa

PınarÖncel, is a designer I follow. It doesn’t exists in this exhibition but“eggy”, the lamp made from ostrich egg is in my mind.


HülyaÇelik Papuçcuoğlu designes are great! Back to the Ottoman Empirement…


Must get in touch with Bilge Köprülü and buy one of those shoes…


Which one to count! The better way, you go and see what will be left in your mind. Unfortunately, only a few days left to see all those women designers works together. Exhibition ends April 22th.

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